Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For Lovers of all Raptors

I wanted to recommend a great website that is also a non-profit dedicated to helping the Raptor population in Georgia. is totally funded by caring individuals who love birds and hate to think of any of them suffering needlessly. She has a great blog that is fun to read and educates readers all about the raptors that she rescues. Great educational material for kids! For lovers of the Birdsong Identiflyer, we have 3 great songcards dedicated just for Raptors!. Raptors 1-Owls, Raptors 2-Hawks, Raptors 3-Falcons. These songcards are compatible with both the Identiflyer and the Singing Alarm Clock. How would you like to wake up to singing birds as opposed to an obnoxious buzzer?

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