Friday, January 29, 2010


Don't forget to feed the birds in your backyard. They can bring you such joy on a dreary day, or any day!

"Many people wonder what time of year to start feeding. if you enjoy bird feeding year-round, any month will do. If you'd prefer to feed only in the winter, you should start late summer or autumn, before the onset of the winter. This way, you'll entice birds to build your feeder into their feeding routines. Come spring, should you wish to discontinue feeding, wait until you've noticed a drop-off in the number of birds coming, and the amount of foood consumer, before tapering off."

The Great Backyard Bird Count is also this month: February 12-15th. Go to this website for more information.

Excerpts taken from Enjoying Birdfeeding more by Julie Zickefoose. a special publication from BirdWatcher's Digest. All of these great booklets can be purchased directly on our website at

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